The Day of the First Debate

I’m not your usual conspiracmaga-knock-outy theorist, however, my twitter account was locked today (@echo76).  I attempted to make a new one and that one got locked immediately as well (@echo1776). I suspect that this is happening to a lot of the lesser alt-right shitposter accounts to keep us off twitter during the debate when we can do the most good.  I half-way expect that it will be unlocked after the debate, but maybe not (probably not). Twitter wants my phone number and they’re not getting it.

Anyway, I intend to watch the debate and post my thoughts about it after the fact.

PREDICTION:  God Emperor Trump will make #DyinHillary and the #Lugenpresse abase themselves before him.

UPDATE: Very boring, Donald missed a lot of shots relating to cyber-security and her testimony in congress.  Lester was a complete cuck. Hillary looked drugged.

I hate when my predictions are wrong.  I should always be right.  Kek is angry with me.